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What Are Managed Firewalls?

Without effective managed firewalls, your company’s infrastructure is at a higher risk of attack and therefore, an increased chance of downtime due to compromise. To maintain data security and business continuity, it is essential that your firewalls are configured correctly.

Keeping up to date with upgrades, patching and monitoring can be time consuming and distract you from your business. However, with the help of 39D, we can provide your organisation with bespoke managed firewall services so you don’t have to worry. Your business’s firewall will be the first line of defense against viruses and malware.

Our experienced team of technical experts can keep your firewall managed, patched and updated. This provides your IT infrastructure the protection and security it needs to ensure your business can continue without threats from unauthorised users.

Our Services Include

Firewall management to prevent access from unauthorised users to better manage network visibility.

We enforce strict control on your firewalls, whilst still allowing you to be flexible in executing your business requirements.

Monitor devices to detect malicious activities, whilst also, installing antivirus and antimalware where necessary.

Enable daily backups, updates, configuration management and device troubleshooting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can call us on: 01279 800 039 and a member of our team can assist you. To begin we will discuss what your end goals are and advise on what solutions will be best for your business.

Our core hours are 8:00 till 18:00, however we do offer a 24/7 service to our customers.

Here at 39D, we will handle the change over on your behalf so you have nothing to worry about. Our team will also keep you up to date on the process so you are always in the loop.